Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Tadi baru je baca pasal friends kat blog syahrilkadir. Suddenly tergerak hati nak tulis about a friend of mine yg dh lama sgt lost contact. Bukan menghilangkan diri. I tau dia kt mana. Just we dont talk as before..sighhh.. this entry is for you friend, whether you read it or not..

We've known each other since our secondary school. After that, we've being such a good friend as she treat me like her own sister. Being a 'little sister' to her made me such a depending friend.. can also said ngada2 and gedix laa hahahaha..Ada satu kejadian yg sgt mengigtkan I pada dia. Tali kasut I terbukak, so dgn ngada2 I suruh dia ikat tali kasut I which I didnt expect her to do. Saje ngada2..(banyaknyer ngada2..ngeee) But all the sudden, dia terus tunduk and ikat tali kasut I without saying anything. I'm so touched at the moment. I've never expect anyone will ever do that to me (masa tu laa, klu skang hubby I mungkin buatkan laa kot..hehe).. And being pampered by her before meaning is not an easy way to forget about her.

But being a bestfriend also means you hurt more. yeah.. yeah..I know.. sad but true.. Sebab dah sayang. Sebab dah terlalu memahami. Sebab dah sebati dalam diri. Sikit je cakap, boleh bergegar segalanya. Yang nyatanya,both of us sgt terluka by words that came from our mouth. And that made us apart till now. Sayang kan? ..Kadang2 rasa lebih baik kawan biasa2 aje andaikata itu yang akan mengekalkan persahabatan sampai bila2.

To my beloved friend (you know who you are..), thank you for being such a wonderful friend before. Being hurt with your words is just a stupid things. I know you care. And I'M SORRY for words that I ever said to you which hurt you till now. Really miss our time being together. And miss you even more!!

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