Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Last Friday, my husband received a sad news. His auntie Cik Mah passed away at 2.05am at PPUM due to kidney failure. We've quite shock because she looks healthy at last time we met her.(raya time)

Knowing her is like having a new mother. She is nice,friendly,gentle and caring(maybe because she was English teacher at her time). Eventhough I am just a new comer in the family, but the feeling is just like we've been bond together all this time. She's the one who predicted I'm carrying a boy (at my pregnancy time) which turned out to be true as Muhammad Ammar was born in last April. I did remember her touch on my tummy.

The other things that I adore about her was her love stories. Eventhough Cik Sam (her husband) already passed away 4years ago,the memories never die. She did tell us that her love life began back at her uni time which Cik Sam was her senior and "till death do us part" promises, really works out for them.

Sayonara Cik Mah. Semoga Tuhan mencucuri rahmatNya ke atas rohmu.Amin. AlFatihah.

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